Food Industry

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Benefits for Food Producers

Document Digitalization

By using Miratag, you can collect and complete all essential documents in the food industry digitally, including delivery notes, audits, and certificates. This reduces paperwork and increases the efficiency of workflows, while ensuring the accuracy of documentation and providing quick accessibility when needed. Additionally, digital completion ensures security, as user-filled actions are precisely recorded and cannot be altered at any given time, thereby eliminating the possibility of document manipulation. All actions performed are traceable, and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Easy Configuration of Report Forms

Our software allows for easy and quick configuration of monitoring sheets. With an intuitive user interface, you can easily customize them according to your business needs. Choose from predefined templates or create monitoring sheets from scratch, add fields that are important to you, set data types, and configure workflow rules. With us, you save time and ensure accurate data collection and management.

Rapid Resolution of Disputes

With Miratag software, where tasks are digitally recorded (including delivery notes, signatures, photos, etc.) and responsibilities are clearly defined, you ensure rapid resolution of disputes between employees and partners. With the Miratag solution, disputes are no longer relevant in your company.

Food Safety

In the food industry, strict food safety regulations must be followed to ensure the health and safety of customers. With Miratag software, you can monitor food quality and safety from suppliers to serving. We enable automation of processes and better documentation of quality control to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Legislation and Standards

Compliance with legislation is crucial for the food industry, as it requires strict adherence to all applicable food safety and quality standards. Miratag ensures the accuracy and completeness of documentation, enabling companies to meet all quality requirements of internationally recognized standards. This includes ensuring both food safety and quality, such as compliance with ISO 22000, IFS, FSSC 22000, SQF, and other relevant standards.


Miratag enables the collection and analysis of data, providing valuable insights into the company's operations and performance. It allows for the identification of behavioral patterns, cost trends, process improvement opportunities, as well as highlighting potential risks. Armed with this knowledge, the company can make improvements and strategic decisions based on the data collected and analyzed.

Using our IoT sensors, you can automatically collect temperature data, monitor it in real-time, and ensure the necessary environment for your products.

Getting started with us is easy

Create a Miratag account. Set up the monitoring sheets and checkpoints you need. If you need guidance, don't forget to reach out to our professional consultant. We're happy to help all newcomers experience a quick and smooth integration!


After setup, you can start collecting the data you need. To conveniently fill out monitoring sheets, download the free Miratag mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.


That's how easy it is to benefit from Miratag's digital solutions! What's important to you will be stored, easily accessible, shareable with colleagues, and ready for effortless analysis.

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Enhance and Simplify Quality Control Processes

Here are some examples of monitoring sheets that facilitate food industry management and help ensure compliance with quality standards:
HACCP Documentation
Pest Control Log
Incoming Goods Inspection
HACCP Compliance Audit
Temperature Monitoring Form
Cleaning and Sanitation Checklist
Supplier Quality Assessment
Equipment Maintenance Log
Food Safety Training Record
Product Quality Evaluation
Waste Management Audit
Allergen Control Form
Incident and Non-Conformance Report
Receiving Log for Raw Material
Employee Health and Hygiene Checklist
Cold Chain Compliance Form
Customer Complaint Log
Traceability and Recall Procedure
Shipping and Receiving Audit
Quality Control Sheet
Safety and Quality Control Audit
BRC Standard Certification Audit
Kosher and Halal Certification Compliance Checklist
FSSC 22000 Compliance Checklist
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