9 out of 10 quality specialists agree that digital reports are more reliable and transparent than paper-based ones.

The online dashboard provides a real-time overview of collected data, helping monitor deviations and promptly alerting to potential risks.

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Digital VS paper
advantages of digisolutions

Digital checklists enable quicker and more convenient data collection compared to paper-based counterparts. Inputting data into a digital system can be automated, utilizing smart devices or data collection tools (such as temperature sensors), reducing the chances of human error in the workflow and expediting processes.

Digital reports ensure the accuracy and timeliness of data. Our digital solution provides well-structured data storage, ensuring data integrity and reducing the risk of data loss or manipulation. Once data is digitally input into the system, it is securely stored and cannot be easily altered without proper authorization. This helps maintain the integrity, reliability, and quality of regularly filled data.

Miratag efficiently notifies employees of important activities, requirements, or changes during routine tasks. This integrated approach keeps team members well-informed and enables them to respond promptly and accurately. If any adjustments are needed in task assignments, they can be instantly assigned without the need for additional meetings or locating the employee.

Searching for archived activities, composing, issuing, and sharing reports receive a quick and efficient solution thanks to digitally collected checklists, significantly reducing time and labor intensity. Within the software, you easily locate the necessary report and swiftly share it through email or another digital channel.

Digital checklists are stored in a database, making data management simpler and information retrieval more accessible. This is in contrast to paper reports, where searching for information can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process.

Our software's desktop interface has simplified the analysis of digitally collected data. It enables efficient processing and organization of data, including the creation of important charts and graphs. This allows companies to make informed decisions.

Digital solutions provide several environmentally friendly benefits: in addition to reducing paper waste, they also save resources, such as printing costs, energy, and storage space. Using a digital format supports the company's sustainability and environmental protection efforts, helping reduce the ecological footprint and to create a greener work environment.

Miratag's paperless approach enables companies to abandon the time-consuming paper trail and overcome associated issues, such as delayed checks, damaged or lost paper sheets, storage and archiving costs, and environmental impact.

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ProTip One of Miratag's key features is to provide a paperless environment. We care for the Earth!

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By implementing the Miratag solution, you quickly achieve improved work efficiency and compliance with quality requirements. Ensure the accuracy, accessibility, and security of collected data, while saving valuable work time and enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, contribute to environmentally friendly practices!

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